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How to Choose Flowers For Your Bouquet

Flowers can communicate feelings like love, joy, gratitude and sympathy in a way that few other gifts can. Gifting flowers is a very personal thing and you can choose the colour, flower type and arrangement to suit your recipient. Lavender symbolizes happiness and luck and is perfect for a bride’s bouquet. Baby’s breath is another flower that signifies everlasting love and can be incorporated into your bouquet along with calla lilies.



A classic choice that is available all year, roses symbolize love, romance, beauty, and elegance. They are also said to express affection and friendship. When selecting which roses you would like in your bouquet consider the type, color, and scent. For example, a blush or peach rose will compliment a garden-inspired bouquet and look lovely with sweet peas or daisies. A deep red rose is perfect for a more traditional bouquet and pairs nicely with larkspur or hydrangea. More information here at https://thefloraleclectic.com/.

The number of roses you will use in your bouquet depends on the size and style you are going for. If you are creating a larger, fuller bouquet, we recommend choosing more standard roses. For a smaller, more compact bouquet you may want to consider using sweetheart roses that are a little more petite than standard roses but have all the beauty and fragrance.

Another floral to include is tulips, a spring favorite that represents hope and new beginnings. They are a versatile bloom and pair well with almost any other flower. They come in a variety of colors and are fairly pricey, but worth it for a floral statement on your wedding day.

When assembling your bouquet you will need a work area that can resist water, one roll of green floral tape, two or three decorative pins and a few rubber bands. In a water-filled container, have ready your eight rose stems and a handful of gypsophilia (baby’s breath). One by one remove all outside petals, lower leaves and thorns from each rose/flower stem. With the first rose in hand hold it by the ‘neck’ and begin adding all other stems/flowers around the ring of the original rose. Ensure that all flowers are the same height.


When people think of orchids, they usually picture lush cascading bouquets and opulent centerpieces. While this is a beautiful option, you can also use orchids in more casual arrangements. These flowers come in a wide variety of colors and sizes, so they can fit into a variety of wedding styles and decor. They are also durable and long-lasting, so they’re perfect for a DIY bride.

Orchids are a great choice for a bridal bouquet because they look so elegant and romantic. They also have a delicate scent that will fill the room with a wonderful fragrance. This makes them the perfect flower for a romantic outdoor ceremony or indoor reception. You can even pair them with other flowers, such as calla lilies or eucalyptus branches. This creates a unique and eye-catching combination that will make your big day memorable.

Another way to add orchids to your wedding is to use them in a single-stem bouquet. This style is simple and elegant, but it still makes a statement. Choose a single bloom and arrange it with a few extra leaves for balance. This arrangement is ideal for a more minimalistic wedding or if you want to include your favorite blooms in your bouquet without sacrificing space.

If you want to keep your orchids for a long time, you can preserve them using a freeze drying method. This will help them retain their natural color and shape, and it’s best to have this done by a professional florist. Some florists offer this service, and you can find them by searching online.

Cherry Blossom

Cherry blossoms, known as sakura in Japan, are an iconic symbol of spring and renewal. The flowers bloom in full force for a short period of time, before slowly falling and disappearing. Because of their ephemerality, they symbolize the beauty and transience of life. They are also a metaphor for the fleeting nature of happiness. They are a popular motif in Japanese culture, and it is common to hold picnics or attend hanami (flower viewing) parties during the cherry blossom season.

A bridal bouquet featuring cherry blossoms can be simple or elaborate depending on the desired effect. For an elegant look, combine them with larger flowers like peonies and ranunculus for a lush and impactful arrangement. They also pair well with smaller flowers such as sweet peas and jasmine to add texture and volume. Cherry blossoms can also be incorporated into floral table runners and overhead floral installations.

OHIO’s campus is adorned with beautiful cherry blossom trees, which make for a lovely backdrop for engagement or day-of portraits. The flowers’ delicate hues and enchanting beauty are perfect for spring nuptials.

The ‘Okame’ cherry tree, which produces deep pink blossoms and grows in traditional, rounded tree form, can grow to 20 feet tall. The ‘Kwanzan’ cherry tree, which is a vigorous grower with frilly blooms that resemble carnations, can reach heights of up to 30 feet.

Cherry blossom branches and sprays can be used to create a stunning statement on their own or mixed with other flowers in pinks, whites and mint green. They are also a great accent flower for a wedding invitation. Consider purchasing silk folding fans featuring cherry blossom prints and printing your wedding invitation verse on them.


Peonies are a popular wedding flower for their classic color and soft, romantic petals. They pair well with other flowers, including roses, ranunculus, and hydrangeas, to create unique floral arrangements for your big day. They can also make a great stand-alone bouquet or statement piece.

While peonies are a summer flower, they last much longer than many other types of blooms and hold up beautifully in vases, bouquets, and centerpieces. Peonies are available in a wide variety of colors and shades, and they work well for any wedding style or theme. Choosing the right peonies for your special day will help set the tone of your event and add the perfect touch to your ceremony, reception, and other celebrations.

White peonies, pink peonies, coral peonies, and other vibrant hues are perfect for a summer wedding. Use them to create a romantic garden-inspired bouquet or go bold with an autumnal color palette with rich purple peonies and deep reds. If you prefer a more rustic look, try incorporating peonies into an arrangement featuring king proteas and other desert-inspired elements.

If you’re planning a more traditional wedding, choose a neutral color like ivory or pale pink for your peonies. The soft hues will blend seamlessly with your gown and complement your bridal party’s attire.

For a modern take on a monochrome bridal bouquet, mix in some peonies with other popular flowers and foliage, like ranunculus, lisianthus, and eucalyptus. These flowers will compliment your statement peonies while adding texture and volume to the arrangement.

When ordering your peonies, be sure to choose a florist who can provide fresh and gorgeous blooms at the peak of their season. They should also offer specialized care instructions for each peony type to ensure they look their best at your wedding. The right peonies will make your day even more magical!


Daisies are a fun choice for brides looking to create a floral arrangement that’s a little more whimsical than traditional roses and lilies. These playful flowers are a member of the aster family and are related to sunflowers, artichokes, and chicory. While they don’t hold the same romance as roses, they are symbolic of friendship and love. They are also said to bring happiness, joy, and trust.

A daisy bridal bouquet can be as simple or complex as you want. Add a few daisies to an all-rose bouquet to give it some texture and depth or incorporate them into a mixed floral arrangement to create a more romantic look. Daisies pair well with many different types of flowers, including hydrangeas, ranunculus, and even tulips. You can also pair them with fern and baby’s breath for a rustic or boho-inspired wedding.

For something more elegant, try combining peonies with daisies. These small, round blooms are a great addition to any wedding bouquet and will stand out against a white or ivory gown. The small petals can be a bit delicate, so it’s important to select unblemished daisies and ask your florist to carefully handle them.

Daisy flowers are also a great choice for weddings that take place in spring. These cheerful flowers symbolize new beginnings and are often tossed by flower girls at graduations and other life milestones. They’re the perfect option for a wedding that takes place in the spring or summer when the weather is warm and inviting.

A daisy is the birth month flower of those born in April. While a variety of flowers can represent the month of your birth, daisies are often associated with friendship and trust.