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Create Hotmail Account | Hotmail Sign up Process

Hotmail Sign up Process : It is one of the essential things that most of the people are wanted to creating an account of hot mail. To do this process, all you just need to sign up. It is absolutely easy to create an account whereas most of the people are thinking it is difficult. If you are looking for the sign-up process to complete, then you need to follow the step by step process. Hope it will be easy for you to handle. First of all, one should know that is also mainly called as Hotmail.

For your information, Hotmail was owned by Microsoft. It is one of the emails where more number of people prefers this email to create for its amazing features. By using this email, you can get benefit from them. It is very simple for the user to configure one account and get ready to adjust the features as per the instruction. So, people who all are looking for the Hotmail to signup can make use of it. For more details, you can follow further to complete the sign-up process. Hope it will be helpful for all the people that who want to create hotmail account.

Create Hotmail Account | Hotmail Sign up

It is important for the people to follow some of the essential steps. By following the given steps, it will be useful for all the users to create an account easily. It is very simple for the users to follow.

  1. At first, the user should launch the browser and get it to the accessing process over MSN website of Microsoft.
  2. Now, for the second step where you can see the list of MSN products that is mainly placed on the upper side of the page, then you need to find After finding the link, you can click on the respective link.
  3. After completing the above process, you can now see the page will get redirected to the main page of hot mail. Here you can click the text button which is available as created one. It is mainly available near the question which is mentioned as “No account”.
  4. Now, you should fill all the details to sign up the process of hot mail as per the instruction. After the process is completed, you can see the Hotmail sign up process appearing on the page. Now, you should fill the form appearing on the screen as per the instruction. It will also ask for additional details to fill.
  5. Then, you need to enter your phone number. The user should provide the country then it will receive the message with an access code which consists of 4 digits. You should now click the “create an account”.
  6. Finally, the process of creating an account has been almost done. Then you should need to enter the language and time zone that you prefer. Now, the user must click on the save button. Within a few seconds of creating an account, the Hotmail account will be opened on the browser.

These are the simple steps that you need to follow when it comes to Hotmail signup process.

canned responses in gmail

Setup The Canned Responses in Gmail

Canned responses in Gmail: 

What is canned responses?

Canned response is another feature of which allows you to avoid waste your time to send same email to multiple Gmail accounts and response to the common questions. It basically helps you to make templates for emails. Canned responses allow you to insert pre formatted content to create your messages.

Gmail Canned Responses Features

  • Makes you work faster and more efficient.
  • You no longer need to copy paste to send the same email to different other peoples.
  • Once done setting up canned responses, response automatically for common questions.
  • Setting up and using it is very simple and understanding.

Guide for Gmail Sign up Process

Steps to Setup the Canned Responses in Gmail

Before starting to learn how to setup the canned responses, make sure you have an account on Gmail. If you don’t have account on Gmail sign up to do so, as this is the mandatory condition to pursue further.

To enable this feature in your Gmail account, follow these steps.

  • Open the desktop browser on your laptop.
  • In the search bar please type, “Gmail” and hit enter button.
  • Now sign in using your Gmail user id and password.
  • First,enable canned responses.
  • Click on the top right corner of your Gmail having gear icon.
  • Go to setting and click on labs.
  • Now search canned responses in the search bar of search for labs.
  • After the search completion, press the button enable.
  • Now, click on save changes.
  • After That, you have successfully enabled the canned responses.
  • Now, go to your home page of you Gmail account.
  • Click on compose mail located at the top left corner.
  • Create a response, write the email you want to have as a canned response or copy and paste from other thread.

Select Canned Responses

  • Now, click on the arrow next to the trash icon at bottom right of compose box.
  • Select “canned responses” on the menu and then click “New canned response” on the submenu.
  • Give name your response, call it anything which helps you to remember when you use your canned response.
  • Now, to use your canned response click on “compose” located at top left corner.
  • Click on “canned responses”.
  • Click on the name of your canned response,located under insert heading.
  • Change/edit any information in the canned response that you need to be modified.

Thus following all these steps, you can easily setup canned responses to your Gmail account, login to Gmail and create your canned response. All these steps are similar for every device and thus is also called universal method. Follow these on your device to quickly done your multiple set of work in a lesser time then usual.


Gmail is the best way to connect to the people you care about. Gmail is used up to store your documents online. It has shown us the big change in technology and social networking. Many teachers use Gmail to send their notes to students. And, with this feature of Gmail (canned responses) it made their work lot easier and faster.

iMessage APK

iMessage for Android Apk Download {Latest Version}

iMessage for Android / imessage Apk Download: iMessage is an instant messaging application available for only apple devices . imessage is an alternative app for Whatsapp, telegram , hike etc. if you are trying to get iMessage on android mobiles, lets has a detailed process on how to use ” iMessage on Android “.

The iMessage is the application which was given as the default by Apple by shifting to the Android you will don’t get this app in the Google Play Store for this you want to download this app from the third party. We have many apps alternative of messages like Hike and WhatsApp, but some users are attracted to the iMessage because of the simple interface by which we can directly send the message and the messages in the iMessage will appear in the form of the standard signal, but the change is only in colour. The best method to download the iMessage for Android and to install it on your Android Device.

iMessage for Android Device

Have a detailed look on how t Install iMessage Apk on your android Device.

  • Download the iMessage Apk for Android from any website.
  • Once you download the Apk file, click on it
  • Install iMessage apk on your device
  • After completing the installation, register to iMessage with your mobile number.
  • Start texting with iMessage

iMessage APK

How to Know the Difference between iMessage and Normal message in Android Device

The iMessage notification is similar to the WhatsApp and FB messenger, but the unknown thing if your message in the messenger will appear in the green, then it was a standard message, and it seems in blue, then it was iMessage this is one of the best ways to confirm iMessage and standard message.

Method 2:

If any case the above method is not working, then we found another app Piemessage instead of iMessage and it will work correctly for the iMessage, but there are some disadvantages in the Peimessage. You cannot send any images and group messages from this, but you can receive the group messages.

Method 3:

It is the working method for the iMessage on Android. The above methods are failed because of some issue, but this method will give you the good experience. Download the application temporarily and enjoy the use. Follow the steps to install the application.

  • Go to the official iMessage app, and you will directly redirect to the Google Play Store.
  • Download the App.
  • Install the app and enjoy it.


  • The light is blink when you receive the message.
  • You can also custom your bubble theme.
  • It will support all kind of emoji for your messages.
  • See the info on the call and contact directly.
  • The internal snapshot support like iPhone 6S.
  • Custom the font for your Messenger app.
  • It will manage all the messages SMS efficiently like OS 10.
  • The group message will help like iOS Messenger app.
  • Swipe up and down to see the full conversation.
  • Search for the words.


It was good to use the WhatsApp, FB messenger and the Hike of the iMessage which can keep you safe. I hope after reading this article, you will get all the information about iMessage app. If still, you have any query, then comment in the comment box which is available at the end of the page.